First try a few basic things:
  • Restart the application.
  • Remove its cache.
  • Remove all other applications from cache.
  • Reset your WiFi router and make sure your Internet connection is stable enough for the application to run smoothly.
If none of the basic things help, please, send the support the log of the game. Тhe log has to be sent exactly after the problem occurs and without a restart, otherwise they will not be able to track down what exactly causes it.

1) Open Settings:

2) Scroll down

3) Tap two times to send the log report and copy your ID:

Paste it in the letter to the support of the game (press on the text input field, then choose ‘paste’).
After you send the logs please write the exact time of the situation you encountered and give it's detailed description.

You can also contact the support by clicking on "Contact us" in the right side of the screen.