This is the main game currency. Coins buy you chips, Respect points, gifts, and other game valuables. You also need coins to buy into most special tournaments.

Poker is played exclusively for chips. You can buy chips for coins, get chips via daily bonuses for regular game log-ins, or as you top-up for free (5 times a day max.). You are also awarded chips for earning achievements, watching video ads, receiving "respected dealer" salary, or winning tournaments. And, of course, you can win chips from other players.

In-game player ratings reflect the total current chip balances associated with players' accounts.  

Respect points indicate the respect that a given player enjoys in the game; in other words, this is a currency that reflects a player's social status. You need to invest your Respect points to become a dealer at the table, which, in turn, lets you earn passive chip income from all the games at this table, as well as fame and glory and gifts from other players. Some of the gifts in the game shop are also sold for Respect only.
You can send your Respect to any player you like. All you need to do is mouse over the player's avatar and click on the "R" pop-up icon.
You can receive up to 100 Respect points a day from any one specific player; up to 200 Respect points an hour from multiple players in total; and up to 300 Respect points max. from multiple players in one day.