We seek to maintain the same manner of communication in the chat rooms that is appropriate in live games.

  1. It is forbidden to use offensive, unpleasant, racist, threatening, and in any other way abusive language.
  2. It is forbidden to use the World Poker Club chat for the purposes of advertising goods or services, including posting links to other websites, social networks, etc.
  3. It is forbidden to flood in the chat room, leaving multiple messages and texts asking other users for Respect, or preventing in any possible way other users from using the chat for its intended purposes.
  4. It is forbidden to introduce oneself as acting on behalf of the administration Team (incl. as the moderator), whilst not actually being that.
  5. It is forbidden to demand of the moderator to explain the reasons behind the user's ban.
  6. It is forbidden to offer to buy/sell/exchange Respect and chips.
  7. It is forbidden to ask/offer to dump chips.
  8. It is forbidden to discuss the actions undertaken by chat moderators. You can, however, complain to the World Poker Club administration team if you believe inappropriate action has been taken against someone.

The above-mentioned violations incur a temporary ban. It is, however, progressive: the more often you get one, the longer its duration every following time. A banned player can play poker but he/she cannot communicate in the chat room.


  1. Fixing-up – or cahoots, if you please (the situations whereby two or more players play along one another or share information with one another, enabling them to gain an advantage over other players), – is a strictly forbidden practice.
  2. It is forbidden to lose to another player intently, or between your own accounts, seeking to pass on one's chips (so-called "chip dumping"). Exchanging chips and Respect points with one another on the basis of a preliminary agreement is also forbidden.
  3. The players that are bound by any kind of agreement related to splitting the winnings are forbidden to sit at the same table of a cash game or play together in the same Sit-n-Go tournament.
  4. It is forbidden to create additional accounts in order to befriend one another ("multiple account registration") and thus raising either of the account's chances of receiving bonuses.

The World Poker Club undertakes all the necessary measures to detect and prevent fraud and unfair gaming practices, including checks on user accounts, history of exchanges and the software running on the user's computer along with the World Poker Club application.

Unfair gaming practices (fixing up, multiple account involvement, use of forbidden software and services) are punished according to the decision taken by the World Poker Club employees. The punishment may take form of a warning, a penalty, or a block preventing from entering the game.

Should the World Poker Club employees believe that a user has been acting in a fraudulent manner, violating the rules, the World Poker Club has the right to undertake appropriate action.


A penalty is a withdrawal of a certain amount of chips from a player's account imposed for violating game rules and unfair practices (the exact value of the penalty is determined by software). Once a player reaches 5 penalties in total, they will be blocked from entering the application forever without prior notice.

It is hard to cheat us, as we spend a lot of time scanning players' game histories every day.

The second punishment method is a block – the action that prevents the player from entering the game. Should your account receive a blocking, you will be greeted by a pop-up stating "YOU HAVE BEEN BLOCKED" upon trying to enter the game. This punishment will be applied to you if you turn out to have more than one game account with the World Poker Club and to have tried using the forbidden "chip dumping" technique, channeling the chips from one of your accounts to another, or simply playing at the same table with both of your accounts.

The World Poker Club is taking all the necessary measures to detect and prevent fraud and unfair gaming practices, including checking user accounts and game histories.

If the employees of the World Poker Club have a reason to believe that a user has been engaging in unfair gaming practices and/or violating the rules, the World Poker Club is in its full right to take appropriate action against that user. Cheating is punished according to the decision by the World Poker Club employees without any prior notice.


Due to an upward trend in penalties incurred by players in relation to tournament one on one gaming (at private tables mostly), we recommend you familiarize yourself with this topic in order to avoid joining the ranks of those penalized.

Some players attempt to cheat the administration Team and bend the rules of the game, earning medals for collecting combinations as well as picking up collection pieces, by playing all-in with a minimal or near-minimal stacks in tournaments (or in other rooms, mostly at private tables). The duration of such tournaments is rather short. Therefore, the poker principles, such as competition and equal rights for all the players, become violated.

We would like to inform you that this kind of game is considered to be a fix-up between the players, regardless of whether the players in question know each other at all; this is deemed unfair game, or cheating.

We are now paying increasing attention to the duration of the tournaments and the stacks with which players enter tournaments (or games at other rooms). Any account that we believe engages in unfair gaming practices will be set back to zero irrespective of the actual chip count at the moment of the violation being recorded, as well as irrespective of the time lapse of the violation taking place (e.g. there is no difference as to whether is was 2 days or 2 months ago). Apart from chip-nominated penalties, we will also withdraw coins that were unfairly obtained by exchanging collections.