How do I begin playing?

If you do not know some of the poker secrets or, moreover, are a complete newbie, it is best to take our Tutorial, which is an option offered to you at the very beginning of the game once you run it for the first time. Alternatively, you can always take the tutorial later, or even re-take it.  
This section will help you familiarize yourself with what things you should do in poker and how you should do them. Remember: you will get special rewards for completing the whole tutorial!

Selecting a table

If you've already taken the tutorial, or you feel like you do not need to, then please have a look at game navigation in the main menu.

This is the table selection window.
You can simply click on Play to join the game right away, or configure specific settings if you know exactly what kind of table you want to play at: type of poker, size of blinds, type of table and number of players at the table.
Our system automatically finds you a table with indicated parameters.
To pick a specific table, please click on "Hold 'Em Rooms" or "Omaha Rooms" depending on your preferences.

What if I've lost all my chips?

When you open a table and try to take a seat there without sufficient chips, a window will pop up, offering you to get some chips completely free of charge.
Accept the offer, complete a few basic steps and get free chips! You can also invite a friend to join the game: chips will be rewarded immediately.

How do I earn chips quickly?

1. Visit the World Poker Club every day: we have designed a special bonus system encouraging regular play!

2. Invite friends to join the game: each friend generates over 3,000 chips for you!

As you visit the game daily for a few days in a row, you will get a special bonus.

3. Play the World Poker Club and get special medals!

Each medal is accompanied by chips and Respect points, awarded when you receive that medal.
The higher the medal level, the more chips and Respect points you will be awarded!

4. Take part in promos and prize draws.

The World Poker Club holds special promos and prize draws all the time. If you find the chips are a bit too pricey for you at the moment, just wait on till a promo is announced and buy everything you wanted with a huge discount!