Dealer is one of the players whose avatar is seen at every table in the room. When a player becomes a Dealer, he or she doesn't become responsible for manual card distribution - the cards are always distributed by our unbiased software.
To become a dealer you need to go to one of the poker rooms. It can be done in the manual table search:

You need to choose the game type and size of the blinds:

There can be several rooms:

You need to press the 'Wanna deal?' button on the right:

The three players with the biggest amount of invested respects receive a certain percentage of the total turnover of chips in their group of tables.
If you were outbid your remaining respects do not disappear but continue to burn out once every 15 seconds.
You can increase your bet any time and compete for the championship in the dealer's list.
The chips are added to the total amount once every minute.

If you have become a dealer, it isn’t necessary to be online, since this is the opportunity to earn chips without playing.