Our Loyalty Program is a set of privileges and bonuses for players. You can raise the level of loyalty for status points , which are awarded when you level up, win tournaments and with each purchase in the bank. Status points can be viewed in the profile:

or in the bank of the game:

All players start with Silver status:  

This is the basic level of the program. The earned status points do not expire and are saved forever.

The higher the program tier, the more perks the player unlocks, including these:
  • Experience bonus
  • Daily bonus extra
  • Purchase bonus
  • Status points bonus 
As you move on to higher tiers of the Loyalty Program, you get additional benefits, including these (as with the Sapphire status, for example):
  • Special golden avatar frame
  • Access to VIP gifts
  • Free Poker Odds
  • Option to limit gift senders to friends only
  • Access to private chats
  • Option to hide game history from other players

All the details about the loyalty program with the resulting bonuses and discounts can be viewed by tapping  the icon next to the nickname in your profile: