Joker Hold 'Em is a Texas Hold 'Em tournament... with a twist. The difference from regular poker is about the Joker cards added to the deck. There can be from 54 to 56 cards in the deck: 52 regular cards and 2 to 4 Jokers. The Joker has no face value (rank or suit), but it acts as a wild card in the game, since it can take on any rank and suit that make optimal sense to wrap up the wanted combination. The tournament is held monthly.

You can read about Joker Hold 'Em combinations here.

The game is played at highspeed tables for 5 players.
There are three levels in the tournament:
1. Silver Joker: stack of 100,000 chips, blinds at 500/1K
2. Golden Joker: stack of 4,000,000 chips, blinds at 20K/40K
3. Diamond Joker: stack of 100,000,000 chips, blinds at 500K/1M

The goal is to leave the table with double the stack of chips; you are awarded a star once you do. You can earn up to 5 stars at each of the three levels (or rooms).  For reaching the 5- and 10-star mark, the player gets unique gifts that disappear in 7 days.
The player who collects all the 15 stars wins the main prize of the tournament—a customized trophy cup that remains in the "Rewards" section of the profile forever.

Please note that the hands played in Joker Hold 'Em do not affect your achievement statistics because the Joker Hold 'Em format implies better chances of playing higher-ranking hands. Most of the medals are only awarded in regular Hold ’Em games.