City tournaments are Texas Hold  ‘Em games at highspeed tables, designed and visualized based on the world’s largest capitals and cities. Games are played for special tournament chips that can be acquired upon registration in the tournament. The game automatically seats you at the table according to the amount of your tournament chips. If you lose all of your chips, you are out, but you may re-enter the tournament.

The game can be played at the tables for either 5 or 9 players. Tournament participants can switch tables and move to a table with higher/lower blinds. You can use the Chance-o-Meter in the tournament, too.

The prize pool consists of gold coins. After the tournament ends, players receives rewards according to their ranking. You can see your current rank and the expected reward throughout the tournament in its lobby. The top 100 players also receive a unique chip, which can be found in the "Rewards" section of the profile.

Registration of the new participants ends 4 hours before the end of the tournament; all the games stop 1 hour before its end. Results are finalized and prizes are awarded in this last hour of the tournament.