The Sit-n-Go is a type of Texas Hold 'Em tournament with no set starting time; it begins as soon as all the seats are filled at the designated table. For example, if the number of people required for the Sit-n-Go tournament to start is 6, then it'll kick off as soon as the sixth player joins the table. Tournaments vary in the number of players, length of time per each blind level, prize distribution, sizes of buy-in, etc. Every player is given 1,000 tournament chips after submitting the buy-in fee.

There are three types of tables in the game: a 6- and a 9-player, as well as a 1x1 format.

You can't leave the table before the end of the game. If you get up from the table after all the players have seated themselves, you will lose your place in the tournament.

There are several prizes associated with Sit-n-Go games, just like for other poker tournaments: two prize places for tables with 6 players and three for tables with 9.
Furthermore, there is a fee charged from the common pot. The remaining amount makes up the prize fund divided among the winners. For example, in a 50,000-chip tournament for 6 people, the prize pool is 275,000, with 200,000 for the 1st place and 75,000 for the 2nd place. In a 500,000 chip tournament for 6 players, the winner gets 2,000,000 and the runner-up 750,000.

Please note that the hands played at 1x1 Sit-n-Go tables do not count towards your achievement statistics.